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Business Storage

Store Happy© with us because your business is our business! We have a huge array of options for business storage solutions in Auburndale FL.

  • Smaller units offered with month-to-month rental terms, larger units offered with annual lease terms
  • Extended access hours 7 days per week (options also available for 24 hour access)
  • Options for overnight parking for company vehicles
  • Options for fenced outside storage, private or shared
  • File Storage and Record Storage
  • Lower cost per square foot than most commercial real estate

Drive-Up Storage Units (Garage-style)

Drive-up access for easy loading and unloading means maximum convenience for you! Simply drive your vehicle to your storage unit, open the door and get busy! Some of our convenient business storage options include:

  • Drive-up unit sizes from 100 SF up to 5500 SF
  • Looking for a climate control storage unit? Our Havendale location offers a variety of sizes up to 225 SF that are air-conditioned. These units are accessed from a hallway and are not drive-up.

Climate Control Storage Units (Air-Conditioned)

An air-conditioned storage unit is the best bet for keeping your belongings in great condition. Antique storage, furniture storage, even clothes, documents and photos will age better in air-conditioned self storage. Think of this type of unit as your additional closet - a closet that is private to you and as big as you want! Climate control storage units are indoor, meaning all of the storage units are inside one large building that is high-security. You pull your car up to the loading zone. We provide carts for you to unload your belongings and move them into your storage unit. You access your storage unit from an air-conditioned hallway. Then you go get ice cream to celebrate your clutter-free home!

Office With Warehouse Combos

Featuring an air-conditioned office space with an attached storage unit, an office warehouse combo is a simple all-in-one solution for your business. Office with warehousing units can be customized to provide private offices, shared work spaces, conference spaces, break rooms and more.

  • Smaller units range from 480 SF to 1250 SF
  • XXL units range up to 5500 SF
  • Many have partitions and are move-in ready, however most units can be customized to suit your specific needs

Single Private Offices

Looking for a private office away from home, or a few offices for your company? Your growing business will fit right into our individually-secured private offices. All single private offices are located in the same building. Each office has its own bolted door lock, windows and typically fits 1 or 2 desks comfortably with office equipment. Furnished private offices are also available.

Outside Storage (Open Air Storage)

Very budget-friendly, outside Storage is for items that can be stored outside in the open air. We can accommodate big or small outside storage. Small storage options include renting a space in shared open storage. Large storage options include private fenced plots dedicated to your business.

  • Materials, Equipment and Tools
  • Vehicles, Trucks, Trailers, Naughty Children and More!